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Since the foundation of Reymatex company in 1985, as a business concept we are 100% exclusively concentrated in the service for the professional dealers. We understand that the dealers are the only professional companies ready to supply machines, parts and service.

Immediate Service

Our company keeps in  stock a high level of machines in order to be able to deliver our costumers orders after 24 hs. of receiving it.


Reymatex has high quality and easy to use sewing machines

The best prices

Please check our competitive prices in your closest distributor.

News 2021

Reymatex company is European distributor of the following brands: Kingtex, Ho Hsing, Comel and our own brand Sewmaq.

We can supply almost any kind of industrial and domestic machine you might need.

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More than  35.000 items available

Our company started in the year 1985 selling spare parts for industrial sewing machines. So, we are ready to supply spare parts for our machines and also for other brands as well as technical service when it is required by our dealers.