SW-481-1 Sewmaq double chainstitch machines. Reymatex españa portugal france italia. Máquina de coser de cadeneta industrial.

SW-481-1 – SW-380-1/4” – SWD-380P (1/4”) Double chainstitch / Industrial sewing ??

Code number: 0A7621K
Single needle double chainstitch sewing machine at 4.000 SPM, equipped with backtacking mechanism.

Code number: 0A7621D
2 needle 4 threads double chainstitch sewing machine. Speed 4.000 SPM.

SWD-380P (1/4”)
Code number: 0A7621E
2 needles double chainstitch sewing machine with gauge 1/4” (6.4mm) for light and medium fabrics. Includes direct drive servo motor and rubber rear puller.