MP/F/T - MP/A/T. Rectangular ironing tables Comel. Mesa industrial rectangular Comel.

MP/F/T – MP/A/T / Rectangular ironing tables Industrial / Ironing / Comel

Code numbers: 0B2054A
Rectangular ironing tables with suction fan function, 4.000 watts boiler for ironing curtains. Boiler with 4.000 watts, 380V, equipped with air hand iron holder. Needs 12.000 watts free electricity supply. Board heated electrically.

• Code numbers: 0B2054
Board 300x75cm 1 hand iron with lamp.

• Code numbers: 0B2059A
Board 300x75cm 2 hand irons no lamp.

• Code numbers: 0B2059
Board 300x75cm 2 hand irons with lamp.

Other vacuum tables for boiler no iron curtain (requires 4 atmospheres of pressure steam generator in an independent use):

• Code numbers: 0B2054B
Board 300x75cm 220V.

• Code numbers: 0B2054C
Board 300x100cm 220V.

• Code numbers: 0B2054l
Board 200x100cm 220V.

All these tables include rail, but not iron hand.